Are we there yet? GET READY FOR THE ROAD!

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

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By: Lauren Fix
May 15, 2015

Are we there yet? GET READY FOR THE ROAD!

The warmer weather, means road trips are around the corner. How can we save some money and still keep the cost down. Let me give you some tips on how to keep all your passengers happy and get their safely. 

Tip #1 - Save $ With The Right Tire Pressures 

One of the best ways to keep your costs down is by getting the best fuel economy. The easiest way to do this is by making sure you have the proper tire pressure.   

Proper tire pressure = better gas mileage= save 2-3 mpg. 

Check all five tire pressures - yes that means the spare too. The proper pressure for your vehicle is found in the gas door, glove box or the placard inside the door jamb. Check the tires when they’re cold because tire pressures increases while driving. Never use the number on your tire.   

By the way –  check your tire pressure once a month!

Tip #2 - Check the wear of your tires –inspect the tread – 

Inspect your tires to determine when your tires need to be replaced. A way to check this is by inserting a penny into the tire groove with Lincoln’s head down. If the top of the head is showing above the tread you need new tires.

How do you check the wear?  It’s easy!

1.] It the tire bald - replace the tire!

2.] Is the center bald and the outside OK? Replace the tire!

3.] Are the out sides bald and the center of the tire OK? Replace the tire!

4.] Are the sidewalls cracked? Replace the tire!

Tip #3 –  What about the fluids?

When the engine is cool, check some of the fluids – engine oil, radiator coolant and windshield washer fluid and refill or replace them as needed. (A certified technician can do this if you don’t want to do it yourself.)

Be sure to inspect hoses and belts for signs of wear such as cracks or blistering. You’ll also want to check your wiper blades, replace them every six months. 

Make sure the air conditioner is working, if not a certified technician should repair it. 

Tip # 4 – Bring Entertainment & Snacks

Satellite Radio is a great new way to entertain the troops -you can even get traffic and weather reports.  You can also create your own play list with everybodies favorites. 

Don’t forget bottled water, healthy snacks (low in sugar), like pretzels and apples (avoid those fast food places); also bring tissues, books, games, favorites toys or games and a blanket and pillow for a nap. 

Tip #5 – What To Carry In The Car

An emergency kit includes a cell phone, first aid kit, tire inflation product, battery cables or a self enclosed battery jumper, flares, flashlight with fresh batteries, washer fluid, and bottled water. 

Finally, last but not least, plan your vacation, hotels, reservations, and destinations online beore your go. Get plenty of sleep before you leave. Most importantly “ENJOY YOUR VACATION” starting from the moment you get into your vehicle.