Is there a Kayak for buying used cars?

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January 2, 2017

Is there a Kayak for buying used cars?

Websites such as Kayak and Trivago revolutionized the way we find the best flight and hotel deals. By aggregating offers from different sites, these companies made our lives much easier by comparing prices across a broader slate of choices. Car dealerships, like hotels and airlines all have separate sites to be searched plus there are online sites that list cars for sale and should also be included in any search. Comparing prices across so many sites to get the best deal is time consuming and confusing. searches both the dealer sites and the online car sites to provide you with the most comprehensive listing of cars available anywhere. 

Car experts who know exactly how the industry works created Carsquare. They are familiar with the inner workings of dealerships and this unique sales model. The founders combined their knowledge and developed Carsquare as a search engine - and much like Kayak, aggregates results from top car buying websites. Whether you are looking to buy a new or used car, Carsquare sources over 8 million vehicles from sites such as Ebay Motors, Carfax, CarsDirect and many more. Doing so, it uses the same principle as Kayak. By allowing you to enter a location, you can narrow down the offers and find your perfect match much faster.

Besides their comprehensive and transparent search engine Carsquare offers reviews, financing options, assistance in negotiating the best deal and much more. A highlight of the site is their garage feature that allows you to favorite car offers and solicit input from friends before making a decision. 

Overall, Carsquare eliminates time consuming research with a site designed to save you money. By adapting a good idea from the travel industry, one used by Kayak and by Trivago, Carsquare is breaking open transparency in the car buying sector. Looking for a new car to buy? Carsquare gives you better results with fewer clicks.