Why transparency is the key to getting a great car

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January 2, 2017

Why transparency is the key to getting a great car

For most of us, our car is one of our biggest assets, but making the right investment decision is important and requires research. The information you gather, is only as good as the sources that you consult, so it is important to do some homework to ensure that you are working with reputable businesses who you can trust to give you honest information. Car dealerships, especially those involved in the used car business are notorious for being better at selling a product than accurately describing it. But there are ways that you can arm yourself with excellent information so that you are a fully informed buyer. 

Take your time to do some research on the various makes and models and prices offered by different dealers before you visit a dealership. If you are looking for a used car, make sure that you consult Kelly Blue Book or NADA to get a good indication of the valuations for the make and model you are interested in.

Ask friends and colleagues where they bought their car and whether they had a good experience. Read online dealership reviews to identify which dealerships have the best reviews from many people. 

Since the automotive business is very competitive, dealers try hard to earn customers business - the best are extremely personable and know how to make a buyer feel that they are getting a great deal. Dealers are aware that technology has increased the transparency associated with car prices and assume that you know competitor pricing on a car you are considering. In response, they have found new ways to present information in order to make their prices seem lower. It might seem like a good deal in the beginning but most of the time there are hidden fees and taxes or payment plans that are structured so that you are paying more than it seems on the surface. Other differences to look for may be in the warranty or additional services that a dealership provides like roadside assistance or loaner cars when you bring yours in for servicing. Transparency is key when closing a deal, so leave nothing to chance and always ask for a complete cost overview including all fees, taxes, and interest rates before agreeing to a deal. A good way to accomplish this is to ask the question, “What is the complete, out the door cost for this car?”  Research and asking questions is the best way you can be sure you get the best car for the best deal.