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Buying a car is very time consuming and for most people buying a car will be the second largest investment in their lifetime. The average consumer spends three to six months searching countless automotive sites shopping for a vehicle and sifting through the same vehicles over and over again on multiple sites. In fact Google and J.D. Power have published that an average car buyer will look through 18 different auto sites before making a purchase decision. That’s in addition to the countless number of hours the average person spends at each dealership between all the test drives and the back and forth negotiations. It can be extremely draining.

Now, there is a better way. Let our team at drive the process of searching and negotiating for the right price, color, make and model of your dreams. Our Concierge Service will save you time, eliminate the frustration and bring joy back into the car buying experience. From the initial search to delivery, we’ve made the process easy, fun and enjoyable again.

It’s simple! Just tell us about your ideal vehicle and a Carsquare Concierge Specialist will do all the work for you. We will leverage our network to negotiate the best price on your behalf, based on your feedback, narrow your selection and reduce the amount of time you spend searching, negotiating and driving from dealership to dealership.

Simply submit the form below and a Carsquare Concierge Specialist will help you find your dream car for a nominal administrative fee.

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