DC Based Carsquare Is Adding Features and Raising Money

June 15, 2015

DC based Carsquare has become much more than just a search platform for buying/leasing cars. In recent months, they’ve added a bunch of new features to their site to make it easier, higher functioning, and more engaging for users. They’re also in the process of a second funding round which will help them continue to expand.

The main component of Carsquare is still their search function. They aggregate the top online auto sites as well as listings from their partners (such as CarFax and eBay Motors), so you can do all of your searching in one place. They’re continually working on improvements to make researching and buying a car as easy as possible.

One of the new features is a virtual garage where you can “park” cars you’re interested in and invite people from your personal network to check them out and give feedback. They already offer unbiased reviews, but having input from people you personally know and trust is an important step in making an informed decision.
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