Nibletz - Carsquare Is The Kayak For Car Shopping

February 21, 2013

When it’s time to shop for a new car there are hundreds of websites to go to and a handful of sites that everyone trusts. When it gets down to comparison shopping though, your web browser, or multiple browsers can turn into a huge, unorganized mess. If there was a simpler way to comparison shop for cars, similar to the way you can shop for travel through, it would make the hassle of finding the next automobile much easier.

That’s the idea behind Northern Virginia based Carsquare. Founded by Khurrum Shakir, Abdul-Malik Ahmad, Deepak Pillai and Ronald Fraser, this talented group of tech savy car aficianados, knew there was a better way. In fact, Shakir, told earlier this year that he was surprised no one had tried to do a search engine, comparison platform like this before.
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