In 1954 Hudson Motors and Nash-Kelvinator merged together to form American Motors Corporation. Post World War II In the 34 years of existence AMC manufactured some of the most memorable and exciting cars the automotive world had ever seen. From the 1955 Wasp and Hornet, to the 1956 Rambler, to the 57' Rambler Rebel, to the 67' Rebel Marlin with a distinctive Coke Bottle appearance, to shacking things up in the automotive industry by setting 100mph land speed record with it's 1968 Javelin AMX. Prior to being purchased by Chrysler in 1987 American Motors was manufacturing automobiles many Americans have grown to love today, such as the 1970 Gremlins to the Jeeps that we all know today, like the Wagoneer, Commando and the Cherokee lineup. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the driving force behind Chrysler's buyout of AMC.