Founded by the Peugeot Family in 1810 the Peugeot Company's entry into the automotive market comes by way of bicycle manufacturing. Armand Peugeot developed his "Le Grand Bi" a three-wheel bicycle in 1882 and in collaboration with Leon Serpolet the first Peugeot automobile; a three wheeled steam powered car was produced in 1889. With a rich history in motor sports, winning the World Rally Championship five times to winning the World Endurance Championship twice, to winning the Intercontinental Rally Championship three times, Peugeot has also received other non-racing related international awards. Four time winner of the European Car of the Year award, Peugeot is know as a very reliable brand. Peugeot likes to boast how its 1950s and 1960s vehicles are still running through the streets of Africa and Cuba. In fact Peugeot is referred to as the Lion in Cuba and Africa. As of February 2014 the Peugeot family agreed to split the company in a three way split that equally divided the control between the Peugeot family, Dongfeng Motors and the French government.