Why Carsquare

The perfect match made simple

Finding the right car or truck at the right price is easier when you know you're searching all the top online auto sites, all in one place. Carsquare gives you the widest possible pool, plus all the tools to make your search simple, precise and ongoing, whether looking for new or used, to lease or to buy.

In addition to up-to-the-minute and detailed pricing, you'll get unbiased reviews from experts and consumers; side-by-side comparison tools; articles and videos on the buying process, financing, warranties, insurance, maintenance and more-in short, everything you need for better negotiating, smarter decisions.

Park Your Favorites

Park the cars you're interested in your garage; they'll be here when you sign back in. Ask your friends to visit and share their thoughts. Set up different car bays (light boxes) for the different cars you're thinking of buying. At Carsquare, we give you plenty of space to customize as you like.

Go to Your Garage

Set Custom Email Alerts

You don't have to be online to keep searching. Just set up an e-mail search alert with your criteria, and Carsquare will continually check new listings for a match. We'll e-mail results once a day, once a week-or simply save them for your next visit.

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